live performance review of “American Snapshots: 200 Years of American Song“…Sheri Bauer-Mayorga, a singer with a refreshing lack of pretense who places herself in the service of the material she sings. That she also created this wide-ranging program means that she knows what’s behind the words of those songs…Each member of the ensemble is frighteningly protean, creating a range of styles as varied as the program itself.”

-BA Nilsson (Metroland 5/8/14)

Journey Into The Past(Metroland article online)

TownHall Records“American Snapshots: 200 Years of American Song” THCD-70 CD review"If you’re looking for a rewarding way to celebrate America’s greatest gift to the world-its music-this is a fine place to start…the aural equivalent of a ‘Ken Burn’s documentary…Ambitious? Very. But the Mayorgas are up to the challenge, and they make it all flow like the rich, resilient, single-cloth epic it is.”-Peter Aaron (Chronogram July 2007)

American Snapshots (Chronogram 2007 p. 57 online)

American Snapshots (PDF)

TownHall Records“American Snapshots: 200 Years of American Song”THCD-70 CD review“Capturing two hundred years of American music on one CD is quite ambitious, and while one could easily second-guess the twenty selections made by Sheri Bauer-Mayorga and Lincoln Mayorga, one still has to acknowledge that the couple did a fine job connecting the dots…Sheri has the vocal range to tackle such diverse material, and Lincoln…is renowned for his eclecticism on piano spanning classical to jazz to pop.”-Seth Rogovoy (Berkshire Living June 2007)

American Snapshots (Berkshire Living 2007 PDF)

Interview with Sheri & Lincoln“Lucky us: Sheri Bauer-Mayorga loves to sing, and she 'loves a piano;'Lincoln Mayorga loves to tickle the ivories and he loves a singer. It’s a match made in heaven, but it was actually made right here in Columbia County, in 1994 when they wed, and the county is still reaping the benefits.”-John Mason (Register Star 5/2/12)

Interview(Hudson Register Star online)

“She has a voice worth traveling many oceans to hear, as comfortable with folk songs as she is with jazz standards, haunting ballads, and uptempo romps.” -John Mason (Hudson Register Star)

Sheri Bauer-Mayorga 2014